Are You Geek Enough

During a team building exercise the software dev team and I were talking about how we want to be perceived and how we perceive others. As each member was talking I had a thought and let it slip out. I said, under my breath “Are you Geek enough?” The team mate that heard this made me say it louder. It seemed like a statement that tied all of our thoughts together on what kind of team we want to be.

We don’t mean are you a Treky or do you clock enough hours on WOW. We don’t mean you can do long division without a calculator. Being Geek enough rarely has anything to do with talent or smarts or even social akwardness. We mean are you Geek enough about the issue at hand. Are you Geek enough about your craft. Even if your a project manager or a business analyst you need to be Geek enough to dig in and figure it out. Being Geek enough isn’t just a tech team thing it relates to all of us. During our meeting one team mate said, “when I’m on a problem, I can’t stop I have to work on it at home.” We like what we do and want to be the best at it. The persistence to determine the best solution or to try other solutions is what drives us. What a great example of being Geek enough.

Often times people come up to me and say, “I don’t know anything about computers, can you help me?” I often think to myself, “either do I.” A CPU mine as well be a flux capacitor to me when you really think about it. I don’t know how it actually works, something about 1’ and 0’s. The difference is when an issue happens, I google it! I look for the answer. I spend sometimes hours being Geek enough to solve my own problems. I believe that any modern day computer user needs to do the same. That doesn’t mean you don’t ask questions, and I don’t mean not to ask for help, geeks love to ask and answer questions. But copping out and just saying I don’t know how, I’m not capable to figure it out, that’s lame.

Timothy Ferris author of 4 Hour Body made the same conclusion with health & fitness, if we apply analysis to our weight, body fat percentage, etc wouldn’t we be more motivated toward healthy habits. Don’t we need to be Geek enough about our health as well. We can maximize results and minimize effort to get closer to our goals then ever before.

Shouldn’t we also apply this to our personal lives too, with parenting and our spouses. Shouldn’t we be geek enough to try new ways to balance work with personal relationships, apply some method to our madness. At work often a process is forced on us at home we decide the schedule the rules and how to enforce them. We are the master of our domain. But often being geek enough stops when we get home and our kids educations and our marriages suffer. People complain about their finances but don’t have a budget. People have marriage problems but don’t know when their next date with their spouse is. So are we being Geek enough with our families.

So I just wanted to ask, Are you Geek Enough? If not, Geek Up!