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ÜberSoftware is one of the only advertising technology consultant groups with the ability to lead your media company, large or small, through the complete process of defining your technology problems to creating a completely customized, end product solution. We use the best practice methods to guide you through the overwhelming landscape of current ad technology, audience analytics and data management software options and then personally work with you to customize, optimize and integrate the most profitable ad technologies for your company. We have the development experience and skills necessary to build cloud-based solutions that are 100% customizable, scalable to your needs and completely free of outside licensing or fees.

Time-Saving Ad and
Analytics Tags

ÜberSoftware can create a universal ad tag to work flawlessly across all your sites. We have the skills necessary to integrate the only tagging product that loads asynchronously and gives your design advertising all the capabilities of InView.℠ This means it’s easier than ever before for you to interact with new data and analytics platforms - without slowing down your website.

Data Management and
Audience Analytics

We create solutions that enable your business to quickly process even the biggest data sets into manageable, impression-level data. Impression-level data that gives your company new, innovative ways to understand and target the customers you want in ways you never thought possible. That means better performance, higher revenues and happier customers.

Web and Application Development

ÜberSoftware owner, Ben Johnson, has more than a decade of experience managing all aspects of ad technology development for multimillion-dollar companies and a trusted network of developers and engineers to build the advertising platforms your company needs. He is a firm believer in using the best practices to ensure an excellent outcome on every project.